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 In-Charge Career Consulting, LLC exists to deliver 360-degree insight that provokes, empowers, and educates women to take charge of their careers and achieve the pinnacles of success that are in alignment with their unique strengths, passions, values, and entrepreneurial desires. 

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Employee to Entrepreneur; Business Negotiation; Salary Negotiation; Resume' Writing; Professional Speaker; Business Consultant; Career Coach;  Professional networking; Leadership Development; Leadership Coaching; Emotional Intelligence Coaching; Soft Skills Training; Human Resource; Pricing Strategy; Sales Lead Generation; Sales Training; Sales Lead Generation; Revenue Modeling; Pricing Model; Business Workshops; Career Workshops; Women Empowerment; Professional Branding; Leadership Portfolio; Private Coaching; Long-term Career Coaching; Long-term business Coaching; Sales Offer; Elevator Pitch; Story Telling

My name is Meridith Ward, Founder & CEO of In-Charge Career Consulting, LLC. I’m also a woman who finally decided to level-up and develop, scale, and mold my career and business in ways that parallel with the overall vision and goals that I have in mind for my life. When I finally figured out how to get clear about the type of woman that I desire to become and was able to create a realistic plan of action for how to achieve my ultimate goals, the barriers that once challenged my confidence and progression became my stepping stones to success. 


I learned how to sharpen my soft skills, foster better professional relationships, and proactively navigate the demands of the corporate matrix to achieve a much higher level of satisfaction within my team, company, and work. Eventually, I also realized that I could leverage my resources and knowledge from experiences as an HR Practitioner to become a business owner. Of course, experiencing a fair share of failures and well-earned successes at different points throughout my career and businesses has given merit to my talents and unique insights from both sides of the hiring desk, which I now share as a Public Speaker, Staffing Consultant, and Career Strategist.

Today, I am using my professional expertise, business knowledge, and personal career experiences to help more women become well-equipped with the right resources, methods, and strategies that will create more open doors and make it easier to take advantage of better opportunities along desired paths of work and business ownership. Ultimately, my vision is that every woman who crosses my path will consistently experience increased monetary value, the desired functional status, and the level of satisfaction that we all deserve within our careers.


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